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Drone-based solutions that make your operations more safe, efficient, and effective. Strengthen your business intelligence with aerial intelligence.

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Go from flights to insights using a single integrated platform. Pair industry-leading drone and sensor hardware with software that makes it simple to fly drones, process data, and deliver reports.

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Solve operational challenges, starting now. With the largest drone pilot network in the world and our team of data scientists, drone-based aerial intelligence is at your fingertips.

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Add drones and aerial data to your existing operations. From design and development to flights and analysis, get the support you need to strengthen the data value chain.

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Our drone-based solutions are purpose-built to solve today’s challenges.


Field Reporting

Crop Insurance


Row Crops

Specialty Crops


Asset Inspection

Facility Inspection

Jobsite Monitoring



Cell Tower Inspection

Oil & Gas

Solar Panel Inspection

Wind Turbine Inspection



Residential Roof Inspection

Commerical Roof Inspection

Pre-loss Assessment

Post-loss Assessment

Disaster Response


Infrastructure Inspection

Emergency Response

Search & Rescue


The PrecisionHawk Advantage

Built for the World’s Leading Businesses—Since 2010, we’ve developed solutions to meet the needs of Fortune 500 enterprises.

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Crafted by Expert Pilots, Scientists, and Engineers—From Level 3 certified thermography to ISNET certified drone operations1, the expertise of our team is in everything we do.

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Shaped by Regulatory Leadership—The first drone company to earn a waiver from the FAA for BVLOS flight, we offer cutting-edge capabilities enabled by research and policy leadership.

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1 Delivered by HAZON Solutions, a division of PrecisionHawk
Gary Myers | BASF

“PrecisionHawk has enabled BASF to tell the whole story behind the benefits our product.
Securing quantifiable data has enabled us to prove a new use case and pursue new markets.”

—Gary Myers, CGCS, BASF Pinehurst Project Lead

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